Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life in general

Well, we have been taking things day by day. Allie is doing really well with the toddler bed. The only problems we have is naptime. Most days she doesn't take one because she would rather play. It is fine by me since I just put her to bed a little earlier. T-ball season has started and Allie and I have been going to our friend's son's games. It is cute to watch the kids running around after the ball. Let me say that T-ball sure has changed since I was a kid. It basically has no structure around here. We played acutal games, but here it is strange. They let all the kids bat and then do not even assign them positions. Every kid is out on the field. They are not really teaching the kids the fundamentals of baseball like I learned in T-ball, but who am I to say anything?
Matt is doing well in school. He came home last weekend for the long weekend and we had a good time. The weather has been pretty icky lately so we did not do too much. One of these days Allie and I will go up to see him. (maybe...LOL) Other than that not too much interesting going on.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Well, I had to turn Allie's crib into a toddler bed today. She climbed out of it so many times yesterday. I was worried she would fall and hurt herself. You would think that since she is so short she wouldn't be able to get herself out, but lo and behold she did. As I type this she is supposed to be taking a nap. I am sure you can guesss how that is going. We are going on our second hour of her playing in her room. I guess I can't complain because at least she is not crying. LOL I am really hoping that tonight when it is dark, it will go easier. Wish me luck. I am sure I will find her sleeping on the floor at some point tonight.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ugh, what is so exciting about setting fires? Someone set a fire this evening in the woods behind our house. It is a little more than 100 feet away from the back of the neighbors. The firefighters had gotten it out, but it relighted and they are back fighting it again. What is so fun about this? The MP's told us it definitely was a set fire because the initial burn site is a perfect circle. UGH! I can't stand it. Now, I have to worry about whether or not it will start up again overnight.