Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby season...

Things have been moving along as usual. There is a nasty bug going around and I am hoping we don't get it in our house. It is strange how things like that can be passed along so easily.

It sure is baby season around here. You can tell it has been about a year since the first brigade made it back home. The hospital is chock full of little ones being born. I have a friend who has a kid for every deployment her hubby has been on. LOL I know three people that are all due within two months of each other. Actually, I am off to a babyshower today. Man, those things can get expensive once you start getting invited to a bunch of them. I may need to set up a babyshower fund. LOL Poor Allie sees all the bright toys and things coming in and thinks they are for her. Oh well, she will get over it.

I can't believe my little Allie is growing up so fast. She is 19 months today. The time is flying by. I was out shopping for babyshower stuff the other day and was looking at all the newborn clothes and couldn't believe that Allie once fit in all of that. It seemed sooooo tiny. Now, I have a monster that tears up my house in a matter of seconds. Of course I love the little critter and wouldn't trade her in for anything (well almost anything...LOL)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Long weekends

Boy, long weekends never seem quite long enough. LOL It was a bit chilly this weekend but we had fun anyways. A little scary on Sunday with my neighbor's son taking some pills he found, but all is well thankfully.

I have decided Allie is all about pushing buttons lately. That little girl certainly knows how to push mine. I swear she is doing everything in her power to do all the things I tell her not to. She will even look me straight in the face with a huge smile on as I am telling her No and do it anyways. AHHH...I am wondering if the terrible two's are coming early to my house. I am not looking forward to it, even though I do hear the Three's are way worse. I wish these kids would not be so stubborn. Some days, I wish I could just lock her in her room, slip some food under the door and let her out when she is 4. LOL

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nice and sunny

We sure have been blessed the last few days with beautiful weather. We have been in the mid 70's and it is gorgeous out. A bunch of us took the kids to a wildlife center in Savannah on Sunday. It was the perfect day to go because not only was it beautiful out, but it was FREE to get in. LOL Who doesn't love free? The kids had a blast and Allie loved the cows. They kept mooing and Allie would laugh every time. My favorite part was the wolves. They were so beautiful and came right up to us. Well, as close as they could since there was a fence and some space. We had the whole pack in front of us. I think it was because the kids were eating Cool Ranch Doritos. LOL Maybe wolves like them? The armidillos were really cute too. We stopped at Denny's to eat a late lunch and had fun there too. Any of you football fans would be excited to know that when we were eating Shannon Sharpe walked in to pay for food he had eaten earlier. How cool is that? Of course we were all too chicken to go up to him, but it was still cool to see him. Our one friend Branden was so funny about it. We finally convinced him to get up and talk to Mr. Sharpe and he missed him. It was a great day and even though there were four kids 2 and under, we had no major meltdowns or tantrums. I wish every day was like that. LOL

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Poor baby

I feel so bad for Allie. She has four teeth coming in all at once. To make it worse two of them are her canines and I hear those hurt alot. My aunt calls them the stomach teeth because all three of her boys would get sick when the canines came in. Poor thing is waking up alot at night because I know they hurt. We are doing teething tablets and those seem to help a bit. I feel so bad because there is nothing I can do for her. For me, the worst part is she always gets a really runny nose when she teethes and sneezing like crazy. I have to follow her around the house with tissues all day. LOL I never knew so much snot could come out of one kid.