Monday, February 16, 2009

Long weekends

Boy, long weekends never seem quite long enough. LOL It was a bit chilly this weekend but we had fun anyways. A little scary on Sunday with my neighbor's son taking some pills he found, but all is well thankfully.

I have decided Allie is all about pushing buttons lately. That little girl certainly knows how to push mine. I swear she is doing everything in her power to do all the things I tell her not to. She will even look me straight in the face with a huge smile on as I am telling her No and do it anyways. AHHH...I am wondering if the terrible two's are coming early to my house. I am not looking forward to it, even though I do hear the Three's are way worse. I wish these kids would not be so stubborn. Some days, I wish I could just lock her in her room, slip some food under the door and let her out when she is 4. LOL

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Betsy said...

Threes are worse, but then again, every kid is different. Natalie does the same thing, look right at you, you tell her no and she does it anyway.