Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nice and sunny

We sure have been blessed the last few days with beautiful weather. We have been in the mid 70's and it is gorgeous out. A bunch of us took the kids to a wildlife center in Savannah on Sunday. It was the perfect day to go because not only was it beautiful out, but it was FREE to get in. LOL Who doesn't love free? The kids had a blast and Allie loved the cows. They kept mooing and Allie would laugh every time. My favorite part was the wolves. They were so beautiful and came right up to us. Well, as close as they could since there was a fence and some space. We had the whole pack in front of us. I think it was because the kids were eating Cool Ranch Doritos. LOL Maybe wolves like them? The armidillos were really cute too. We stopped at Denny's to eat a late lunch and had fun there too. Any of you football fans would be excited to know that when we were eating Shannon Sharpe walked in to pay for food he had eaten earlier. How cool is that? Of course we were all too chicken to go up to him, but it was still cool to see him. Our one friend Branden was so funny about it. We finally convinced him to get up and talk to Mr. Sharpe and he missed him. It was a great day and even though there were four kids 2 and under, we had no major meltdowns or tantrums. I wish every day was like that. LOL

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Dee said...

That sounds like a blast! I'm lovin this weather!