Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life in general

Well, we have been taking things day by day. Allie is doing really well with the toddler bed. The only problems we have is naptime. Most days she doesn't take one because she would rather play. It is fine by me since I just put her to bed a little earlier. T-ball season has started and Allie and I have been going to our friend's son's games. It is cute to watch the kids running around after the ball. Let me say that T-ball sure has changed since I was a kid. It basically has no structure around here. We played acutal games, but here it is strange. They let all the kids bat and then do not even assign them positions. Every kid is out on the field. They are not really teaching the kids the fundamentals of baseball like I learned in T-ball, but who am I to say anything?
Matt is doing well in school. He came home last weekend for the long weekend and we had a good time. The weather has been pretty icky lately so we did not do too much. One of these days Allie and I will go up to see him. (maybe...LOL) Other than that not too much interesting going on.

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Betsy said...

I imagine it teaches them how to be a team player. I am sure the "real" game has to come sooner or later! At least they are having fun though :)