Sunday, November 25, 2007

Under the Weather

Both Allison and I have not been feeling that great the last few days. Allison has the sniffles and I have sinus issues. Probably a lovely remnant of our plane trip. All that recycled air cannot be good for the system and there were a few people coughing almost the whole time so we can thank them. Allison thinks it is funny when I use the booger sucker on her. She laughs the whole time. I guess that is a good thing since she is not screaming everytime I do it.

Allison has decided once again that rolling is not too much fun because she only rolled one day for me. I am starting to think that maybe it is a once a month special that I get. Hmmm, that must mean that I should keep the camera handy at all times. She is, however, trying to scoot herself across the floor. Apparently being stationary on a blanket has gotten old in her eyes and she is ready to explore. Of course she would rather spend her days jumping in her jumperoo or sitting up and looking around. She is quite nosy and has to see everything that is going on. It is a real pain when I am trying to feed her and she whips her head around in every different direction. I think more milk ends up on her clothes than in her tummy sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see the wee one is getting cuter and cuter as she grows.

love grandpa