Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Well, we started cereal with Allison even though the doctor said to wait until 5 months. She was ready for it. I do not think she likes the taste very much. She gets this look on her face like what did you just put in my mouth. I hear it is best to give them a new thing each week to get their bodies used to it so next week we will try some baby food that has a little more taste to it. Hopefully she likes that better. I know she likes mashed potatoes because my dad gave her some on Thanksgiving. Now, she thinks if we are having potatoes she should be. It is funny because she stares at us while we are eating dinner and licks her lips. I have been giving her biting biscuits, but those are not good enough for her. She wants the yummy stuff she can see. I guess she is going to have an appetite like her Daddy.

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