Friday, October 17, 2008


I cannot tell you why, but for some reason, Allison is not sleeping at night anymore. All she wants to do is be held. It is making for a tired and cranky Mommy and Daddy. I think it should be if you start sleeping through the night, you should stay sleeping through the night. I mean at 14 months, you would think you need as much sleep as possible. I just don't get it. Blah, kids, right?

We are headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend with the kiddos next door and a few others. It will be alot of fun. It is so funny to see Allison playing with the twins. Even though they are two months younger than her, they are taller. She has two boyfriends, but definetly has a favorite. She follows Victor everywhere and he just laughs and babbles at her. Poor Daddy is already nervous that his little princess likes boys. LOL I wonder if they actually understand each other and their babbling. Sometimes it seems like they do, but others they just talk at each other. It is still cute nonetheless.

Matt and I are doing this diet thing. Of course Matt is eating more, but losing way more weight. It is so not fair. I eat way less and run after a 14 month old all day and he loses more weight. ICK! Well, hopefully I will still lose weight in the long run. We are going to buy a jogging stroller so we can start jogging in the evenings. We tried with our stoller, but it just does not work. I guess that is why they make jogging strollers. LOL
Here is a pic of Allie and Daddy at Oktoberfest a few weekends ago. Just for your viewing pleasure of course. LOL

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Dee said...

CUTE picture! And i hope you get some sleep momma!

Oh and i tagged you..go check out my blog...