Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkins and more...

We were off to the pumpkin patch this weekend. It was pretty fun. We got lost in the corn maze for almost an hour...not so fun. LOL Allie had a great time. I guess you could not really call it a pumpkin patch so much as a farm with pumpkins on it. There were no fresh pumpkins to pick and they basically took store bought ones and put them on the ground. Oh well, it was still fun nonetheless.

Allie is still not sleeping. It is causing a bit of friction between Matt and I. I have tried everything. We will see if tonight is any better. I changed the sheets to completely new ones and hopefully it will work. You never know right?

We are getting new neighbors downstairs. They seem nice enough I guess. Supposedly they have a little girl who will be two in December, but I have not seen her yet. They seem pretty young. This is the hubby's first duty station so it will be interesting. Hopefully they are not too crazy and we can all get along. It will be nice to have another little girl around since Allie was surrounded by boys. Uh oh, she may have competition for her boyfriends now. LOL

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